Hansel Milky Strawberry: Our childhood favorite snack has a new flavor for us to enjoy

In almost any sari-sari store, you can find a variety of Hansel flavors for you to enjoy. There’s Mocha, Choco, Milk, and Butter, and you can find these flavor fillings in between the Hansel sandwich. Because this was easy to find in stores, you might remember this from your childhood days when bringing a baon was still all the rage in elementary school. Your school cafeteria might also have this in their stores. 

Now, there’s a new addition to the four flavors we’ve all come to love. They now have the Milky Strawberry Sandwich. 

The Hansel packaging is in pastel pink, making this one adorably cute from the get-go. Inside you’ll find the same pastel pink as the filling in between the two biscuits that make this sandwich. 

The folks at Yummy found the new Hansel flavor at Robinson’s Supermarket but you can also try WalterMart to get your hands on this goody. 


If you’re wondering what the snack tastes like, a YouTuber reviewed it on her channel:

Photo from WalterMart Supermarket

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