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These Pinoy Chefs Recreate Filipino Dishes With Plant-Based Ingredients

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The demand for plant-based meals is increasing. It’s not just because everyone’s turning to healthy living. It’s also because more and more people are becoming concerned about climate change. To meet the growing demand, Nestlé Philippines launched the HARVEST GOURMET brand. One of their goals is to make plant-based meat more accessible to Filipinos. They also hope to make the consumption of plant-based meat more “normal.”

Esteemed chefs Josh Boutwood and Sau Del Rosario joined this movement. They created burger dishes in their restos to test the appeal of plant-based meat. Of course, they used HARVEST GOURMET products.

Most people think of plant-based meals as bland and unappealing. But HARVEST GOURMET adapted to the Asian palate. It offers plant-based burgers and nuggets. It also has minced ingredients made using non-GMO soy and wheat, among other things. What’s more, its products actually do taste like real meat!

Chef Josh and Harvest Gourmet

“As a diner, what’s important to me is that it has to taste good. Is it good enough for me to create a memory that I will remember? If the answer is yes, that’s what’s important. The base products we were given are wonderful. As chefs, we can build on these products and incorporate them into our menus. That will allow us to provide customers with more options,” Chef Josh said of the brand.

Chef Josh created the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat Burger using the HARVEST GOURMET Sensational Burger. He added burger sauce and charcoal-grilled cucumber relish. Chef Josh also threw in some Colby Jack cheese, Chipotle sauce, and micro greens.

He also made a plant-based Honey Buffalo (chicken) Sandwich with HARVEST GOURMET Schnitzel. He also added coleslaw and secret sauce. This is available for a limited time at his renowned Test Kitchen.

Chef Sau’s creations

Chef Sau made three dishes, the first of which was a plant-based Adobo Burger with Pinakbet Okoy. He also made Buffalo Wings with Calamansi Aioli. His third dish was a Korean-inspired plant-based Burger. It came with kimchi, Nori-flavored fries, and ssamjang.

The latter is currently available to order from his restaurant Cafe Fleur. He used HARVEST GOURMET’s Sensational Burger and char-grilled pieces.

The beauty of Harvest Gourmet products

Chefs Sau and Josh had a blast. They found it easy to make plant-based alternatives to popular dishes. Thanks to HARVEST GOURMET products, of course. Stock up on these products and have them delivered to your door. They’re available through Nestlé Professional Philippines.

You can also go to their e-commerce partners: Lazada, Rare Food Shop, Shopee, and Wholemart PH.

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