Here are the select McDonald’s stores where you can try the new “Super Servings”

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Image: McDonald’s

Because McDonald’s knows how our appetites have grown amidst lockdown measures, they rolled out on Saturday their newest McDonald’s Super Servings

This sees two new additions to their menu: the McDonald’s Sundae Blend, a generous serving of McDonald’s signature Hot Caramel and Hot Fudge soft-serves in a large pint-sized 475ml tub that can be shared by up to four persons for PhP139; and the McSpaghetti Platter, which is basically a beefed-up version of their single-serve McSpaghetti that’s good for up to five persons for PhP220.  

The new offerings are available in select McDonald’s stores nationwide, and through the McDelivery website, mobile app, and hotline number at 8888-MCDO (6236).[0]=AZXFreY27O5n-YD9MddX2umQaZjoYKzv4j_fkhbzvDgHn6Y2AA8c5lCKsx8Cmm8VOCLY56HDJVNGvbukpjKaP2xS4Zxe42n7cw2UMvUW5YZZux1oamVLQs_EDha2yEGmIGuMJtly0JVFzZZ0MZ8zi3kXu9URreYnWTdrRuBWzScwYw&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

If the fine print is making you doubt its size, just use this photo posted by netizen Kevin Karl Jornacion on Facebook, who had first dibs on the new mega-sized menu items.

Just by the looks of it, we guess it can feed more than a couple of people. 

 But then again, “good for three to four persons” is just a guide. So go ahead, no one’s stopping you from ordering these all for yourself.

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