How to Make the Folded Kimbap from Tiktok

If you haven’t heard of the tortilla hack that went viral on Tiktok, you’re missing out. Instead of rolling the flatbread, it’s folded by quarters to get equal amounts of filling with each bite. The same concept is applied to the popular Korean dish called Kimbap (or Gimbap) and is game-changing for anyone who always has trouble making perfect rolls.

What is a Kimbap?

Kimbap is basically Korean sushi. They are rice rolls wrapped in sushi and filled with a variety of items. What sets the two apart is the Japanese version uses sushi rice that’s seasoned with vinegar, whereas the kimbap is seasoned with sesame oil to give a sweeter flavor.

How do you make folded kimbap?

First, you need to get all your ingredients ready. Aside from the rice and seaweed sheet (gim), common fillings people include are SPAM, scrambled egg, cheese, and kimchi. But feel free to substitute with whatever leftover items you have or need to use up.

  1. Cut the sheet halfway through, starting from the middle. The rough side of the sheet should be facing up before you place your ingredients.
  2. Place a different filling in each quarter. Start with spreading the rice evenly on the bottom-left side of the sheet, followed by filling the remaining sections with the other items.   
  3. Fold each quarter onto the next, until all the ingredients are sandwiched. And there you have it — a quick and easy meal.

Tips for making folded kimbap

Author of Korean Bapsang, a Korean-American mom, has great tips for those who want to try this dish.

  1. Remove moisture from any wet foods.
  2. Use a paper/kitchen towel to pay dry vegetables.
  3. A common mistake people do is overfill each quarter. This makes it difficult to fold and will end up with ingredients falling or spilling out. Make sure to leave some space between the quarters.
  4. Some sections can take be filled with more than one item. For example, place kimchi on top of the rice or with the cheese. Just keep in mind not to bulk it too much.
  5. Placement is key. Small or loose ingredients will hold better next to the section with rice because the stickiness compacts them.

No more struggling with rolling a kimbap with this food hack. Experiment with other ingredients such as sliced cucumbers, carrots, canned tuna, or even tofu to make it vegan.

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