Ichiran releases an instant version of their ramen

Ichiran, named the “best ramen in the world,” finally comes in “instant” version!

Anyone who’s ever referred to themselves as a ramen connoisseur surely knows the unbeatable hearty flavor of Ichiran, the ramen place that got voted by some 50,000 people as “the best in the world.” Some tourists flock to Japan just to have a taste of their specialty Hakata-style tonkotsu pork bone broth ramen, and they almost always have to endure long queues to enjoy a bowl.

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But since international travel is still difficult these days, Ichiran has presented us with the second-best option: their first-ever instant ramen!

Ichiran releases an instant version of their ramen
(Image: Ichiran via Japan Today)

For a company that’s been in the ramen business for 60 years, this is a monumental milestone for Ichiran, and that’s why they took the time to perfect the quality and taste of their new product — 20 years to be exact. According to Japan Today, they took that long “to ensure both the broth and noodles deliver the same high quality and flavour as their in-store offerings.”

Despite the time it took, Ichiran chose to keep it as straightforward as possible. Inside the instant cup, only the custom-made noodles, the tonkotsu broth, and a packet of Ichiran’s original secret red sauce to stay faithful to their Hakata-style offerings.

To recreate the rich, golden, aromatic tonkotsu broth, buyers are given packed ingredients — the liquid, the powder, and a specially flavored oil that will enhance the flavor and smoothness of the soup. 

Ichiran Ramen instant noodles tonkotsu Japan food Japanese news 1
Ichiran Ramen instant noodles tonkotsu Japan food Japanese news 03
(Images: Ichiran via Japan Today)

Meanwhile, the long, straight noodles boast a deep, wheat flavor, a quality unique to Hakata-style ramen.

Curious as to what magic every cup holds? Stop reading and start drooling over this promotional video by Ichiran.

Ichiran’s instant tonkotsu cup ramen went on sale last February 15 and is available across supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan, as well as in Ichiran’s online store.


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