Iconic Sour Candies and Where to Find Them

Even though candies aren’t the most nutritious, we still find ourselves craving specific kinds of sweets every now and then. From chocolate to gummies, there’s just something comforting about eating these goodies. 

But just like in every aspect in our lives, we all have specific tastes when it comes to candy. Some might want chocolates with mint, while some absolutely abhor the idea.

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And if you’re the type to lean towards the sour variations of candies, then you’re probably familiar with that craving. 

So to help you appease your craving for something sour, we’ve compiled iconic sour candies and added where you can buy them: 

Trolli Sour Glow Worms Gummy Candy

Iconic Sour Candies and Where to Find Them
Photo from Sweet Avenue

You can always rely on Trolli when it comes to gummy candy which is why Trolli’s sour gummy worms are a classic! Each worm has two colors and you can see the flavor difference. The worm is then coated in sugar-like granules that add a bit more sour to it. You can find these in your neighborhood supermarket or grocery store but you can order a tub of it online at sweetavenue.ph.


Photo from Candy Corner

If you want something sour with a bit of a crunch, Nerds offers different flavors for you too choose from. Tiny and peculiarly shaped, Nerds candy has an outer layer and inner layer that together results in a sweet and sour combination. You can buy the  from Candy Corner’s online store here. 

Sour Patch Kids

Photo from Candy Corner

Sour Patch Kids is one of the most famous sour candies in America – and rightly so. The kid-shaped gummy candies have their own respective flavors based on their color but all of them has the sour goodness you’re craving for. They’re also coated with the sour sugar granules. You can buy your Sour Patch Kids from Candy Corner’s Lazada store here. 

Yakee Super Asim Gum Ball

Photo from Shopee

Yakee is one of those candies you can relate to your childhood. Almost every sari sari store used to have them! These gum balls are extremely sour. As soon as you pop this in your mouth, you’ll feel the extreme sourness pervade your senses. The flavor eventually dies down as you chew on this but this is still one of the more sour ones compared to the others. If your neighborhood sari sari store doesn’t have them, you can order Yakee from Shopee here.

Sour Tapes

sour belts
Photo from Candy Corner

Sour tapes are one of the staples you’ll find in candy stores like Candy Corner. They come in different flavors and sometimes, they’re all combined into one long tape. While sour tapes have many different variations, the one from Candy Corner is a classic starting point. It has just the right amount of sour – perfect for snacking. You can buy sour tapes online from Candy Corner’s Lazada store here.

Are you craving for sour candies now?

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