If Your Love Language Is Food, Here Are Places You Can Order Your VDay Gifts From

Here we go again

Valentines Day, here we are again. A bouquet of roses or some chocolate is nice, but this year you told yourself you’d be different. While food has always been a popular gift, with the abundance of choice now at our disposal, deciding what to buy is no longer the easiest of feats–particularly when you want to impress a significant other. Since we’re spending far more time at home these days, a food-inspired gift is all the more meaningful for your loved ones (be it a romantic partner or the single friend that sulks every time Valentine’s Day comes around). This article might make your decision easier.  

Wolfgang’s Burger Kit from Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

The fact that Wolfgang’s is a top steakhouse in the city all but guarantees that their burgers will be excellent, too. Exponentially lighter on the pocket than its steak counterpart, Wolfgang’s burger kit comes with homemade potato crisps, their signature old fashioned sauce and a ready-made cocktail. This is date night made easy. Ideal for a laidback Valentine’s date over true crime documentaries (and more alcohol).


Wine Gift Box from Vino.ph

A bottle of good wine will always come across as a thoughtful gift. It’s sophisticated and intimate, and can be shared over meals over bonding. In this case, there are two bottles–one red and one white–both of which are artisan wines imported from Italy. 

Don’t want to overthink? Good wine is the way to go.

Truff Black Truffle Hot Sauce

The great thing about hot sauces or condiments in general is their longevity; they won’t wilt after a couple of days like overpriced flowers. Truff Black Truffle Hot Sauce not only has cool branding, it has genuinely explosive flavors–stellar heat levels, well balanced and infused with legit truffle essence. Spice up your love life and palate at the same time.

Available on Lazada and Shopee.

The One Love Box from Mensie’s Jerk House

Real Caribbean food is hard to come by in this part of the world, which is why this was such a refreshing find. Run by an American-Jamaican expat from New York City, Mensie’s serves legit Jamaican food for delivery throughout Metro Manila. Jamaican food has profound West African, Indian and British elements, which makes for real exciting and unique flavors. Mensie’s One Love Box for Valentine’s includes Jerk rib tips, Rasta Pasta (essentially baked mac and cheese with jerk chicken), Jamaican-style laing and a dessert.


DIY Reuben sandwiches from Deli by Chele

Tender New York style brisket, sauerkraut, sourdough. Can’t travel yet? Then transport the taste buds to the Lower East Side with this umami medley of flavors and textures. When renowned Basque chef Chele Gonzalez creates something, be it sandwiches or fine dining, you can count on it being delicious. Insider tip: get the bibingka cheesecake for dessert.


Heart Caviar Graze Box from Aperitif PH

This might set you back a few bucks but hey, it’s Valentines Day, is and well worth the investment. The Heart Caviar Graze Box from Aperitif PH comes with several premium European cheeses, a variety of cold cuts, olive skewers, Aperitif private label jams, and finally the piece de resistance, the salmon caviar pie.


When all else fails, at least give your loved ones the chance to sink their teeth into something great this Valentines Day. 

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Words Art Vandelay

Art Daniella Sison


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