Five iOS Apps For Clingy People In Long-Distance Relationships

You don’t have to be together to be “together”!

To all the clingy couples out there, we know dealing with distance is tough, what with the pandemic and all. Luckily, there are iOS apps you can use to can bring you and your special someone closer.

Get interactive and stay intimate with these adorable apps.

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If you’ve ever wanted to send something raw to your partner, get this app. It’s convenient and simple. It can be a widget that you guys can use to keep each other updated on your daily lives. Think of it as a private Instagram Story.



This iOS app gives you the ability to draw and send creative messages to your partner. Imagine waking up to a sweet drawing and message from them! This app also works as a widget.



This is for those whose love language is physical touch. It allows you to send hugs, kisses, and “spicier” things to your loved ones. Hehe. If you have an Apple Watch, you can even feel each other’s heartbeats through this app.



If you want to keep a journal with your partner, this app is for you. You can answer questions together, but you can’t see each other’s answers till both of you answer. So don’t even think about skipping an entry.

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If you feel distant from your partner and want to get to know them more, you should definitely get this app. It’ll help you delve deeper into what makes them tick (and vice-versa).

With these iOS apps, you can squeeze babe time into your schedule. It won’t even take a minute of your day to activate any of them. Have fun and stay in love, lovebirds!

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