Is Graham de Leche the New Ube Cheese Pandesal?

Among some of the quarantine food trends of 2020 was the Ube cheese pandesal that was a delightful fusion of classic Pinoy ingredients. It’s now become a staple in bakeries and while they won’t be gone anytime soon, people are looking for something new to try a year later. Will Graham de Leche (a.k.a. Graham Leche Flan) take the cake as the top quarantine food trend in 2021?

An Elevated Mango Float

We’ve gotten creative with the ways we use mangoes in our recipes, from eating them with bagoong to topping them in our sweets. Mango float is definitely up there when we talk about indulgences, next to halo-halo and kakanin. But who would’ve thought the beloved dessert could be further elevated by topping it with a delectable layer of Leche Flan?

Where to buy Mango Graham Leche Flan?

Although Graham de Leche isn’t a totally new concept, @ItsCakeTimeJenny puts her own spin on it. She takes the two desserts and creates beautiful cakes that are to die for. The Mango Graham Leche Flan consists of layers of crushed graham, whip cream, and fresh mangoes, then topped with a creamy and smooth Leche Flan. It sounds irresistible!

Specialty Flan Cakes

Jenny’s other specialty flan cakes include the Ube Chiffon Flan that could be ordered with a single or double layer, the Banana Flan Cake, the Pandan Flavor with Macapuno Flan Cake, and the Mango Flan Cake. The main difference is there aren’t crushed graham bits for that added crunch, but it’s equally as delicious as the Mango Graham Leche Flan.

Reach out to her on Instagram to pre-order one of her amazing cakes. Whatever occasion you’re celebrating, It’s Cake Time Jenny can make the day even more special.

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