KFC Singapore Launches “Golden Durian Mochi”

KFC Singapore has a new menu item that durian lovers will surely love! The “Golden Durian Mochi” is a fried mochi ball with a golden brown crust that’s filled with yummy D24 durian lava filling.

KFC Singapore Launches "Golden Durian Mochi"
Photos: Instagram/kfc_sg, kfc.com.sg

The home of the world-famous Kentucky fried chicken first teased about the new durian-flavored snack on April 1, 2021, so a lot of people thought it was just an April Fools’ Day joke. But just a few days later, they revealed that it’s going to be a real menu item!

Since the teaser photo only included a KFC bucket filled with durian pieces and more durian on the sides, people had wild guesses on what it could possibly be–someone even thought it would be durian-flavored fried chicken!


Each serving of this “crispy, chewy, and sweet” treat costs SGD 3.45 and contains five mochi balls. Since April 7, they’ve been available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery orders in KFC SG.


Is this durian-flavored mochi something you’d try?

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