FreebieMNL -Kuro Kuro Croffle Has BTS-Inspired Flavors

Kuro Kuro Croffle Has BTS-Inspired Flavors

We Filipinos can’t get enough of the K-craze, including popular Korean snacks. Something we recently got hooked on were Korean corndogs, and now the croffle has made its way to the Philippines. What’s a croffle you might ask? It’s a hybrid of a croissant and waffle and Kuro Kuro is the first to bring it to us. They even have BTS-inspired flavors.

The Anatomy of a Croffle

Buttery and flaky croissant dough is rolled and sandwiched between a waffle iron to create the crispy puff pastry. According to Bakemag, it was Irish pastry chef Louise Lennox who introduced this food trend back in 2017. It’s a delectable treat in itself, and you can get creative with either sweet or savory toppings and fillings. In Korean cafes, croffle ala mode is a popular menu item.

What’s Your Flavor?

Everything on their menu looks scrumptious, but their Pink Sprinkles, Matcha Choco Bits, and Floss It are their best sellers. You also can’t go wrong with the classics like Cinnamon Sugar, Chocolate Glaze, and Classic Glaze. Other regular croffle flavors include White Choco Loops, Cheesy Bacon, and Cheesy Nori. Get them solo, in a box of 3, or a box of 8 to try them all, or opt for their mini versions that are just as big on taste.

8 BTS-Inspired Flavors

Aside from their regular flavors, Kuro Kuro also released BTS-inspired flavors to mark the group’s 8th anniversary. A box includes an assortment of cheese, dark choco, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, taro, match, and banana-flavored croffles. You’ll surely light up when you see the colorful mini croffles, available for a limited time for P264. Even if you aren’t an ARMY, they’re still worth indulging in.

Kuro Kuro started operations during the pandemic and has since established several branches around the Metro. Check their full menu and store locations on their website and treat yourself to a delicious croffle soon.

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