Last Minute Grocery Shopping? Check Out These Items You Can Get For Your Holiday Feast!

We’ve got a few days left before Christmas – and if you aren’t done buying much-needed items for your holiday feast, we’re here to help you out! 

We know the dreading feeling of lining up at the groceries to do some last-minute Christmas shopping. Good thing you can now shop at the comforts of your own home in time for Noche Buena.

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That’s right, you can now shop at Puregold – our go-to grocery – using Shopee! You can download the Shopee app or visit their website, too. Talk about convenience! But the best part is Puregold is offering up to 50% off on their products. Yep, perfect for a budget-friendly fiesta – and an early Christmas gift for us shoppers.

Now, let’s start with the basics: Pure Basics Powdered Salt and Black Pepper. People who love to cook know salt and pepper are essential to make your dish even more savory. 

But the best part about Pure Basics’ powdered salt is you can buy it in a 1KG variant, which means it could last until Media Noche or even the next year, depending on what you’re cooking. 

Then, there are the two ingredients that bring color to our all-time favorite: Nata Red and Kaong Green which come in 340G jars. Imagine eating fruit salad without these two? We hate to break it to you but it’s definitely going to be boring! 

After all the eating’s done, it’s now time to do the cleaning. Thankfully, since shopping online at Shopee is so convenient, you won’t need to look further to search for your cleaning items like an antibacterial dishwashing liquid. Pure Basics also has a multi-purpose cleaner in a lemon scent you can add to your cart! It smells so, so good. Oh, and don’t forget your scrub sponge! 

Of course, no one wants to ever run out of hygiene supplies. So, stacking products such as shampoo and bathroom tissue in your pantry is a must! “I’m heading to the grocery on Christmas day just to buy bathroom tissues,” said no one ever. 

Speaking of shampoo, Pure Basics’ Antibac shampoo is the bomb – especially if you’re looking for ways to avoid smelly hair! For fresh-smelling hair, how about some milk hair treatment from Pure Basics? Yes? Yes! 

With Puregold’s Pure Basics products, you simply can’t go wrong! So, what are you waiting for? Experience #PanaloShoppingMoments here! Shop groceries straight from the comforts of your home, office, or while in transit! Add to cart now!

Art Daniella Sison


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