Learn How to Make Fictional Cocktails From This YouTuber

The fictional world has a lot to offer. From places we can only dream of visiting to characters we can only dream of meeting. Fictional food and drinks are the same. We can find interesting creations that’ll make us crave for something we don’t have easy access to. 

YouTube channel How to Drink recreates a lot of drinks. From basics you need to know to drinks forgotten. But one other thing that makes his channel stand out is his recipes for fictional drinks. He bases them off of scenes and then makes them even better. 

To start, here are some fictional cocktails you might’ve seen only in screen but can now make at home:

Harry Potter’s Butterbeer 

In the Harry Potter series, Butterbeer is described as tasting like butterscotch and having a slight alcohol content to the point that house elves could get drunk off of them. Try your hand at making it at home with How to Drink’s recipe. 

The Simpsons’ Flaming Moe 

In an episode of The Simpsons, Homer created a drink so good it led Moe’s failing business to boom. Homer’s secret ingredient? Cough syrup and flame. 

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The Office’s One of Everything

In the show’s Moroccan-themed Christmas party, Michael Scott serves his One of Everything cocktail. Get your Splenda and liquor bottles ready because this drink recipe needs a lot of them. 

Animal Crossing’s Vacation Juice 

True to its name, Animal Crossing’s Vacation Juice looks like a cocktail you would order while vacationing in Hawaii. Some argue it’s nonalcoholic but the drink has polite Isabelle dancing after a glass. 

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