Lechon Ala Negra: What’s the buzz about Cebu’s famous Black Lechon

No matter where you come from, a roasted pig is simply the kind of food you won’t be able to resist – even if it means sabotaging your diet. Speaking of roasted pig, nothing compares with our very own lechon – especially the ones made from the Queen City of the South. But have you ever come across a black lechon? No, not a burnt roasted pig. We’re talking about an actual well-cooked lechon – only it’s colored black.


Yep, there’s a black lechon and the internet can’t stop talking about it. We understand the reservations about trying it. But based on the posts we’ve seen about the black lechon, it’s living up to the hype. Apparently, yes, it’s yet another mouthwatering food from a city in Cebu!

Dubbed as the first and original black lechon, the famous Madam’s Lechon was made famous by Mary Joy Postrano together with her husband Prage Japhet who wanted to put a twist to the usual orange-y / dark-brown lechon we’ve all come to love. 

In case you’re wondering how it turned black, well, the makers behind the buzz-worthy lechon came up with a special paste made from a variety of herbs and spices mixed with squid ink. 

But unlike your go-to lechon which takes about 2-3 hours to prepare, you would need more time to get that perfect black lechon. Apparently, need to air dry it first before eventually roasting it in burning charcoal to make sure the color stays. 

If you’re planning on buying one for yourself, here’s a complete price list. And oh, you’re welcome by the way. 

  • 11 kg: P5,000, w/ free suka(vinegar)
  • 13 kg: P5,500, w/ free adobo and suka(vinegar)
  • 15 kg: P6,000, w/ free adobo and suka(vinegar)
  • 17 kg: P6,500, w/ free adobo and suka(vinegar)
  • 19 kg: P7,000, w/ free adobo and suka(vinegar)
  • 22 kg: P7,500, w/ free adobo and suka(vinegar)
  • Black Lechon: Add P200 to any size!

You may reach Madam’s Lechon through this number: 0968 853 5013 or you may send them a message on Facebook.

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