Lola Nena’s adding Andok’s to their recipe is all our fantasies fulfilled

Lola Nena’s adding Andok’s to their recipe is all our fantasies fulfilled
(Image from Twitter: @lolanenasph)

It’s not officially on sale, but you know, #BakaNaman!

Food and serendipity are always a sweet combination. Sometimes, it takes a sudden stroke of luck inside the kitchen to realize that great food can still be elevated to even greater heights. Take for 3xample the first person who dipped Wendy’s square-cut fries into their sweet and frothy Frosty, or when Potato Corner decided to collaborate with R. Lapids to create the Flavored Chicharon. Individually, each item is great, but together? An instant classic.

We felt just the same when we saw Lola Nena’s TikTok account serendipitously squeeze a spoonful of Andok’s uber-popular Litson Baka into one of their equally famous Triple Cheese Doughnuts. It didn’t have a name, but we so badly wanted to call it ours.

While it’s technically not on their menu (yet!), the experimental sandwich looks fairly simple with our own tools. Just slice a piece of Lola Nena’s Triple Cheese Doughnuts in half and press both sides with a waffle iron. Then, drizzle one side with mayonnaise before slathering a scoop of Andok’s Litson Baka strips onto it and topping the pile with sliced red onions and shallots. 

Watch it go down below so that we’re not the only ones drooling:

Speaking to, Lola Nena’s Steffi Santana shared that she’s one with the crowd in commending Andok’s latest beef blessing, bringing her to think that it could be made greater. Thus, the experiment took place.

“When I ate it, [I thought], parang [ang] sarap niya as [a] roast beef sandwich. So we just tried it with the ingredients we had on hand,” she said per “We never really know if something will [pique] the viewers’ interest, basta we just keep on experimenting on different ways to eat the doughnuts.”

While the marriage of the delectable doughnuts and the heart-stopping litson baka is to die for (probably literally — watch out, diabetics!), this also opens the doors for dozens of other possibilities with Lola Nena’s Triple Cheese Doughnuts. From SPAM slices to KFC’s chicken strips for a Double Down-esque monstrous meal, it’s tempting to think what we could ram inside Lola Nena’s doughnuts to realize their true potential.

Before it makes it to their menu, though, we’d have to assemble the sandwich ourselves. Lola Nena’s Triple Cheese Doughnuts sells for P216 for an eight-piece box. You can buy a box by visiting any one of their 12 branches or by dropping a line on their Facebook. Meanwhile, Andok’s Litson Baka retails at P350 a box and is available through select Andok’s branches. 

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