LOOK: all the must-try kawaii food finds from the new Daiso Japan Food Hub

Forget cheap home finds — Daiso Japan has now expanded their venture to include genuine Japanese and other Asian foodstuffs!


Daiso Japan’s Food Hub was formally opened on the last week of November at Robinsons Place Magnolia in Quezon City, and it was met with much hype by true lovers of all Japanese snacks. It’s no surprise at all — the place has everything!

Sip and chew on all things kawaii inside the Daiso Japan Food Hub, including, but not limited to: milk teas, mochi ice cream, onigiri, animal-themed baozi or siopao, matcha-flavored chips, seaweed sticks, Japanese candies, topokki cups, frozen beef woosamgyup and wagyu cubes, and specialty bread products from the Jipan brand. Good luck getting out of the store without at least grabbing a basket full of goods!

Not a fan of going to the malls in the middle of the pandemic? Opt for Call & Collect instead: order your desired Daiso Japan’s Food Hub goodies by messaging Daiso Japan PH on Viber, choose your preferred courier service, and have your order delivered to your doorstep. 


Daiso Japan’s Food Hub is located on the ground floor of Robinsons Place Magnolia.

(all photos from Daiso Philippines Facebook page)


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