Lotte’s new Pepero Ice Cream Bars are as cheap as they’re yummy

Lotte’s new Pepero Ice Cream Bars are as cheap as they’re yummy
(Image: Lotte via Middle Class Singapore)

Lotte’s famous Pepero cookie sticks never seem to fall out anyone’s favor. The famous South Korean treat, which comes in Almond, Chocolate, Strawberry, White Cookie, Cream Cheese, Sweet Potato, and Double Dip Yogurt, is easy to eat and easier to want.

If you’re one of many who’s always munching on these sticks, then our timing is perfect. If you’re trying to beat the heat, try Lotte’s new Pepero Bars, a tube-shaped vanilla ice cream coated in a hard chocolate shell and crushed Pepero Almond. 

(Image: Lotte)

Everything — from the crunchy chocolate shell to the crispy almond bits — tastes exactly like Pepero’s Almond flavor. 

According to Middle Class Singapore, the flavor was introduced as early as last year during Pepero Day, or November 11 of every year. The occasion is similar to Valentine’s Day, except in place of flowers, friends and loved ones exchange Pepero snacks to show their affection. 

We’re still months from the date, but don’t keep yourself from trying this frosty treat! Pepero Bars are available for only P39 from Haru Haru Asian Grocery on GrabFood, or from Jjang Korean Mart in San Juan.


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