Lumpia Queen Abi Marquez And Her Easy-To-Make Gastronomic Delights

It just started from marshmallows and lumpia wrappers!

The resounding “What happens if we wrap [insert any thinkable food] in lumpia wrappers?” is just too iconic to miss it on TikTok.

Sure, there’s no way one would have heard it and not know who it is, right? But for the benefit of the newcomers, she’s Abi Marquez, more commonly known in the digital space as TikTok’s “Lumpia Queen.”

Abi Marquez
IMAGE: @abigailfmarquez on Instagram

The net has spoken and has given her the titular moniker for her all-too-famous TikTok series—making lumpia combinations that one may find good or absurd. From popcorn, rice, luncheon meat, and even sinigang—this food star seems to know how to wrap it well in a lumpia wrapper.

According to Abi, the celebrated series started only accidentally after she saw marshmallows and lumpia wrappers sitting on their kitchen counter. Three days later, an unprecedented and positive digital reception has prompted her to turn it into a series.  

On top of her flagship Lumpia series, Abi has also introduced other notable series including “What I Ate” and “How-tos” that take viewers to good food and good-place experience even vicariously. 


Ketchup makes everything BETTER – FIGHT ME. ? Especially when it’s Heinz! Also can we talk about this Heinz Xmas AI song? It’s my jam ?? @Heinz Philippines Get Heinz Tomato Ketchup on Lazada and feel like a rockstar during your holidau feasts! #foodporn #food #foodlovers #foodlover #foodieph #foodie #filipino #filipinorecipe #cooking #delicious #fyp #tiktokfood #foodtok #mukbang #recipe #cooking #christmas #december

? original sound – Heinz Philippines – Heinz PH

But more than her interest in lumpia—frying every food there is, her striking take on anything gastronomic has won the hearts of many.

In the past, our Lumpia Queen has collaborated with Erwan Heussaff, also a food blogger, for his YouTube Channel FEATR. Even international food bloggers have paid interest in her curated videos—one example is the renowned Andy Hearnden. 

Hearnden or popularly known as Andy Cooks on TikTok has seen a massive surge in views overnight after uploading a video in which he is seen cooking a Filipino dish.

The video is a challenge to cook the famous Filipino egg dish called Tortang Talong—a challenge first popularized by Abi on August 21, 2022. 

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Filipino ? omelette – Tortang Talong! shout out to @A@Abi Marquez? ffoodtokccookingeeasyrecipeffoodf#fyp

? Circles – Instrumental – Post Malone

Being featured in one of Andy’s videos made Abi “so honored” especially now that the clip has raked 1.2 million views and counting.

With both content creators acknowledging each other, fans and food enthusiasts only wish for a possible collaboration in the near future!


Would you try THE BEST EGG DISH IN THE WORLD? ?? Tortang Talong is a common Filipino breakfast and they’re super easy to make #torta #tortangtalong #eggplant #foodporn #food #foodlovers #foodlover #foodieph #foodie #filipino #filipinorecipe #cooking #delicious #yummy #foodietokph #fyp #tiktokfood #foodtok

? L$d – Luclover

Abi’s one-hit success in the content creation industry has prompted her to pursue the line of work even deeper. 

Currently, Abi is one of the talents of NYMA Talent Management, one of the brands under KROMA Entertainment.

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