Lunch Boxer PH Dishes Easy Spam Recipes You Won’t Get Enough Of

When you’re not in the mood for something yummy yet easy to cook, there’s nothing like cooking some good ‘ol spam. The typical spam and eggs combo can get old after a while, and that’s why Lunch Boxer PH is dishing easy peasy yet scrumptious Spam-based recipes to take your meals to the next level.

Spam Katsu Sando

Lunch Boxer Dishes Easy Spam Recipes You Won't Get Enough Of
Photo: Lunch Boxer

You can add a kick of Japanese flavor to your usual Spam sandwich by making Spam Katsu Sando. This crispy snack has a mouthwatering sauce that you’ll want to use for your other food items at home.

Spamsilog Burrito

SPAM Silog Burrito Photo
Photo: Lunch Boxer

If you’re a huge fan of Spamsilog, you can give it a Mexican twist by making it into a burrito. This is easy to pack and eat, so you can even munch on it when you’re on the go. Feel free to add more spices to bring on the fire. You can follow the recipe below!


SPAM Burger Photo
Photo: Lunch Boxer

Did you know you can satisfy your burger craving even without patties on hand? Yes, you can make burgers with Spam! You probably have most of the ingredients needed at home, so why not, right?

Spam Sushi

SPAM Sushi Photo
Photo: Lunch Boxer

In the mood for some sushi? If you don’t have fresh seafood available at home, you can make Spam sushi instead. What’s great about this yummy dish is that it contains no raw meat, so it’s safe even for pregnant ladies.

Spam San Jeok

SPAM san Jeok Photo
Photo: Lunch Boxer

Get on the Korean food craze with your can of Spam in hand by whipping out some Spam San Jeok. They’re the perfect finger food for your Koreanovela binging sessions.

Who knew spam could be so diverse, right? If you’re a foodie looking for another gastronomic adventure, you should definitely check out LunchBoxerPH on Instagram or TikTok. They put a unique twist on your pantry favorites. Plus, most of their recipes are ridiculously easy to follow. You might even discover your new favorite dish.  

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