What Happens When Macao Imperial Tea And Twinings Team Up For Summer? Answer: Bomb Coolers!

Beat the summer heat with these Twinings-infused refreshers from Macao Imperial Tea! 

There are two types of respite during summer; either go somewhere cold or drink something cold. And if you’re looking for the quickest way to quench the thirst, then the latter is probably the fitting resort. However true, iced water just doesn’t cut the heat anymore. So, Macao Imperial Tea has brewed something nice for you.

 In a seasonal collaboration of the biggest milk tea chain in the Philippines and one of the oldest tea brands in the world, Macao Imperial Tea and Twinings of London bring new six refreshing summer coolers. 

Cheesecake Peach Tea

Twinings’ delicate peach-flavored black tea compliments Macao’s classic cheesecake blend; an invitational feeling of Tuscan afternoon and New York Central Park stroll one sip at a time. 

Strawberry Mango Tea

Your taste buds will surely drown in a wave of fruity strawberry, mango, and white pearl mix– a wacky sip that gives just enough cooling sensation from mouth down the throat. 

Mango Jasmine Green Tea

Fragrance meets flavor in a delicious mango and Jasmine flower blend. Jasmine’s floral notes and mango’s tropical bliss are infused in one cup reminiscent of hazy and scalding summer. 

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Lemon Ginger Tea

The tangy twist of ginger and lemon’s citrusy punch go in one cup of invigorating goodness. Indulge in all the warm and spicy flavors that will surely linger in the tongue even after the last drop. 

Camomile Honey Tea with Vanilla

Honey and vanilla’s lacy hints go well and good with Camomile tea’s aroma– a sophisticated and elegant refresher that gives just the right fragrance for the palate. 

Earl Grey Lemon Tea

The first-rate bergamot aroma of Twinings black tea elevates zesty lemon for one refreshing drink–Truly, a distant summer experience you’ll go back over and over to. 

Macao Imperial Tea

These six new infusions stand as Macao Imperial Tea’s latest extension of commitment in satisfying its customers’ thirst this hot season. And if the heat  surges a little bit higher than the bearable, think that there’s just one place to go and many options to drink only at Macao Imperial Tea. 

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