“Midsommar” star Florence Pugh apparently loves lumpia (and we love her for it)

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(Images: @florencepugh; Allrecipes)

Whether it’s served during birthday parties or casually sold on the street, the Filipino version of the lumpia is the food to die for. Our love for the fried foodstuff has been expressed in so many ways (memes included) but perhaps English actress Florence Pugh’s expression is the most intimate one yet.

Pugh, who starred in films such as Midsommar and Little Women, took to Instagram on Thursday to express her love for Filipino lumpia, saying it’s a childhood favorite of hers.

“I grew up eating lumpia and would literally count down the days until I’d eat it again. My best friend was a philipino and her mum was a master at cooking. She knew I loved them and would make a batch, freeze them, package them up for me to take home after sleepover,” the 25-year-old Oscar nominee wrote on her Instagram story. 

Notwithstanding the typographical slip-up, we absolutely adored her love letter to the classic lumpia. She corrected herself in a later story, anyway.

Though it’s unclear what spurred her stories, it’s presumably motivated by her informal cooking tutorials over at Instagram. The unpretentious, unassuming videos show Pugh whipping random but delicious dishes out of her industrial kitchen. 

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(Images from Instagram: @florencepugh)

She’s prepared stuff like peanut butter ice cream, maple pecan pies, and butternut squash soup, proving her flair for cooking that’s picking up everybody’s mood during the pandemic.

Like she said in one of her stories, we can’t wait until Pugh prepares a plate of Filipino lumpia!


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