FreebieMNL - Need Help Eating Healthier? These YouTube Channels Can Make the Switch Less Scary

Need Help Eating Healthier? These YouTube Channels Can Make the Switch Less Scary

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to start eating healthier, but it’s also one of the hardest to keep. If you made this promise too and found that, now, halfway into the year, you haven’t exactly kept it, it isn’t too late to start! 

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the idea, here are some YouTube channels that will make this change less scary.

Pick Up Limes

Come for Sadia’s soothing voice and the aesthetically pleasing shots, and stay for the health-focused recipes and gentle guidance on what it means to live a holistically healthy life. With Sadia’s background in nutrition and easy-to-follow videos on easy healthy eats, you’ll be in good hands. She also makes content about self-care, forming habits, and just enjoying life, which are all important things to keep in mind to stay mentally healthy while making this shift. 

Rainbow Plant Life

Nisha is the go-to YouTuber for when you want to eat healthy food but don’t want to restrict how much you eat or don’t know how to go plant-based while also enjoying your meals. She’s here with recipes that’ll show you how delicious and indulgent veganism can be! Additionally, she also comes through with practical tips that’ll help with your new lifestyle like meal prepping 101, how to use certain kitchenware that can make cooking easier, and what to do when making vegan food for other people!

Alt-Baking Bootcamp

Who says you have to totally give up baking and sweets when you want to eat clean? Well+Good is a great channel to subscribe to for all your fitness needs, but their Alt-Baking Bootcamp series especially is a hidden gem that’s worth checking out. This series features healthy alternatives to your favorite desserts brought to you by food experts who can explain how each ingredient swap or alternate process is the healthier way to go.

Fit Men Cook

Need more ideas for meals you can make for yourself so that you don’t burn out from an active lifestyle? Fit Men Cook’s videos are perfect for you. This channel is all about healthy ways to get the fuel you need for your workouts! The videos are fun to watch, the recipes featured are hearty and delicious, and it shows all the mouthwatering possibilities of taking care of your body and making sure it has the nutrition it needs while you get in shape. 

Mind Over Munch

Like the other channels on this list, Mind Over Munch has a lot of videos featuring approachable recipes to clean eats. The best part of this channel, however, is the content focused on being attentive to your physical, emotional, and mental needs while eating healthier. She has tons of videos about breaking free from fad diets and restricted notions of what healthy is, paying attention to what’s really causing your unhealthy eating habits, and how to make eating decisions that work for you, your body, and your mental state.  


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