Netflix’s “Best Leftovers Ever” is the cooking show we all need right now

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Image: Netflix

After nine months of missing our favorite foods and metaphorically (or literally) moping on our kitchen floors, we’re finally getting the quality quarantine-themed cooking show that everyone could absolutely relate to: Netflix’s Best Leftovers Ever! 

Hosted by Jackie Tohn from American Idol season 8 and Netflix’s GLOW, the unique cooking show will pit three home cooks against each other in a series of rounds to see who can turn yesterday’s leftovers into today’s delicious dishes. Perfect — that’s been our mood since March.

Their creations will be judged by famous foodie David so and British chef Rosemary Shrager, with the winner taking home an astounding $10,000 prize.

A half-eaten burger beautified into a gourmet dish? Turning a stale tamale into a yummy bowl of gnocchi? A sumptuous dessert derived from a weeks-old cake? With a little bit of cooking experience — and a lot of re-seasoning and reheating — anything is possible!

The first season of Best Leftovers Ever comes to Netflix on December 30

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