Nissin releases cup noodle-flavored soda for its 50th anniversary

Unlike those memes of pancit canton-flavored juice packs, these ramen-flavored fizzy drinks are 100% real.

Nissin releases cup noodle-flavored soda for its 50th anniversary
(Image: Nissin)

These days, what isn’t a soda flavor? From “flamin’ hot” sodas to an alcoholic cherry-flavored drink (which both belong to Mountain Dew, by the way), it looks like the room for experimentation is getting smaller and smaller. 

Well, that is until Nissin Cup tore the door down with its new ramen-flavored sodas, and suddenly the game is on again. 

The crazy concoction, which is called the “Cup Noodle Super Combined,” was released to commemorate the iconic instant noodles brand’s 50th anniversary. It’s available in four flavors: Cup Noodle Soda, which is said to be a ginger-ale style soda; Seafood Soda, which tastes more creamy with a “hidden” hint of seafood; Curry Soda, which has a zest closer to cola but finished with curry spices; and Chili Tomato Soda, which is a tangy, refreshing tingle to the taste buds.

(Image: Nissin)

The soda flavors may sound silly, but first tasters in Japan are actually digging the drink. If you’re feeling adventurous too, you can go to Nissin’s online store until Friday to check out a complete Cup Noodle 50th Anniversary Complete Set, which includes all four soda flavors, all eight Cup Noodle Umaibo snacks, and eight standard-flavored Nissin Cup Noodles, all for 2,998 yen (around P1,300).

Are you willing to take a sip of drinkable ramen?

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