Philippines’ Sinigang hailed as the “best rated vegetable soup” in the world

According to the site, you can get the best version of Sinigang from a particular restaurant in Pasig!

Amidst the hype around the Olympics in recent weeks, another Pinoy pride moment crossed many people’s social media feeds: one which hailed our humble sinigang as the best-rated vegetable soup in the world.

TasteAtlas, an online travel guide to the best food finds around the world, revealed the ratings on Monday, with the sour Filipino stew garnering a score of 4.8 out of 5 stars and out-ranking 161 other dishes from different countries.

Trailing sinigang on the list are Latvia’s Skābeņu Zupa, Nigeria’s Ogbono soup, Austria’s Kürbis Suppe, and Italy’s Fagiolata, all of which posted a 4.7 rating.

According to the website, sinigang is a “sour Filipino soup consisting of sampalok (fruits of the tamarind tree), water spinach, green pepper, cabbage, broccoli, eggplant, diced tomatoes, sliced onions, ginger, green beans, water, oil, and salt.”

“It is an often seen dish at special occasions such as birthdays or weddings, and over time, as the dish became more popular, there were new variations that used guava or raw mango instead of sampalok and each region developed their own version of the popular soup,” writes TasteAtlas. 

(Image: TasteAtlas/Shutterstock)

“With its sour lightness perfectly matching the harsh tropical heat of the country, sinigang is a unique soup that is a true representative of Filipino cuisine.

In a separate list from the same site rating all soups at large, another version of the sinigang still topped the list: the sinigang na baboy or pork sinigang, which, together with Honduras’ Sopa de Caracol, acquired a perfect approval rating of 5 out of 5 stars. 

The website also suggested that the best version of sinigang can be sampled in Locavore, a Filipino-French fusion restaurant and bar found along Kapitolyo’s Brixton Street in Pasig City. Other restaurants also have excellent renditions of the Filipino dish per TasteAtlas, including Sentro 1771 and Fely J’s Restaurant, both located in Makati.

Time to set that food trip once the lockdown lets up!

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