Pizza Hut sells “stuffed crust minus the pizza” to remind all of us who did it first

Pizza hut
(Image: Pizza Hut)

When a brand tries a stunt and it clicks, the competition tries to copy it to get a share of the glory. Then, the trend gets too dense with too many brands that we often forget who started it in the first place.

Well, that won’t fly in Pizza Hut’s watch. While the global pizza chain has gone far by starting some of the zaniest innovations in the game (remember the cheeseburger crust and pizza box projector?), it never forgets the thing that propelled Pizza Hut into stardom almost 25 years ago: the Stuffed Crust.

That’s why in 2021, Pizza Hut released another doozy: the Nothing But Stuffed Crust.

(Image: Pizza Hut)

We doubt this one needs further explanation: it’s literally just the classic thick crust stuffed with cheese minus the actual pizza in the middle. It’s a head-scratcher, but we’re not complaining — that cheese is so gloriously delicious, we wouldn’t mind getting just the crust. 

The catch is it’s only available in the United States as of the moment, and for a limited time at that. It was given as a freebie last January 5 in select Pizza Hut branches in Los Angeles and Dallas for customers who bought at least $10 worth of pizzas. 

Let’s see how long our local Pizza Hut catches wind of this and makes it available in the Philippines!

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