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24 Hours in Poblacion: Eat, Dine, and Unwind!

Spending 24 hours in Poblacion proves that there’s more to the district than its party scene!

When the word “Poblacion” is mentioned, it’s usually partying that comes to mind—specifically referring to Makati, of course. And with good reason; from the Notorious HQ to Agimat, Poblacion is flushed with great places to dance and drink the night away. 

However, spending 24 hours in Poblacion proves that there’s more to it than just being popular in the party scene!

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12:00PM – KBBQ 

At this point, most people have a favorite samgyeopsal spot in the Metro. I thought I had mine, too—until my partner introduced me to Matgalne! They occupy the 2nd floor of A&W Building along Juno Street. The quality of their food hasn’t changed at all since before the pandemic, from the fresh meat to the buffet that includes salad items, savory treats and even dessert!

Depending on your preference, the rate per head is either of the following:

  • P599 for the unlimited beef & pork buffet, which includes samgyeopsal, pork bulgogi, beef brisket, spicy marinated pork, and side dishes
  • P699 for the unlimited premium buffet, which is an elevated version of the P599 one that also has marinated pork ribs, marinated chicken, a cheese option, and fresh shrimp

2:00PM – Hotel Check In & Chill

Having a place to rest and call a “home base” during adventures is always a good idea. I’d seen St. Giles Hotel while in Poblacion before but hadn’t really paid attention to it despite the ideal location. This adventure seemed like the best time to try it out, especially since they had a pool! 

Luckily, I’d gotten a corner room, which meant windows and a view from both sides. Sunlight filled the room! When I decided to take a quick nap, though, the curtains easily blocked the light and created a cozy environment ideal for rest.

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Photo by LKN

3:45PM – Coffee

Yes, you read that right. Since I was planning to make the most of the evening ahead, coffee was in order. When in Poblacion, all roads for great quality coffee lead to Commune! It’s a known spot that has a selection of coffee and food items for all tastes. Sometimes there are also events there, from workshops to poetry readings and more!

As a cold coffee fiend, the affogato is my usual choice. But they have a great selection of hot coffee too, and the ristretto is a personal favorite when the mood strikes me!

4:20PM – Malling

One of the best things about Poblacion is just how walkable it is! Didn’t take me long to get to Century City Mall. Whether you need retail therapy or just want to window-shop, there are definitely a lot of stores to choose from! This is also where I met up with my partner, who had gone to Dapper Club the barbershop for some self-care. We ended up buying some things from stores like Japan Home Center and True Value!

7:00PM – Dinner

After a quick stopover at the hotel to drop off what we’d bought, L and I went to one of our all-time favorites: Filling Station! The diner-inspired bar and restaurant is one of Poblacion’s most colorful landmarks, peppered with pop culture references inside and out. 

Another part of the adventure unraveled here: one of my oldest friends, S. Rachelle, was in town from Singapore! I hadn’t seen her since my SG trip just before the pandemic. What better way or place to catch up than over diner food? Another friend we haven’t seen in a while, Ate Liway, joined us not long after.

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A selection of Filling Station dishes, including the calzone, a wings and more sampler, and nachos!
Photo: Rachelle Ann Beguia

We spent a good chunk of time reminiscing, laughing, sharing a cheeseburger pizza, drinking milkshakes, chomping on burgers and, of course, taking lots of pictures! Every inch of the place is “Instagrammable” so it was definitely a great place to make new memories.

9:30PM – Drinks

Initially wanting to just walk off everything we’d eaten for dinner, the girls and I quickly realized we weren’t done catching up yet. That’s why it was a no-brainer for me to bring them to my favorite bar for incredible cocktails and a stellar ambiance: Run Rabbit Run!

Located along Street behind an inconspicuous red door, RRR is a not-so-secret Poblacion staple. The bartenders are high-caliber and bespoke cocktails get a whole new meaning. Daryll Floyd in particular is my favorite; he’s a cocktail engineer!

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Bespoke and in-house cocktails abound at Filling Station, including a take on the viral “Negroni, Sbagliatto…with Proseco in it” and a cocktail inspired by the Pinoy dessert halo-halo!
Drinks & barman Daryll photos by Rachelle Ann Beguia
Photo of author (in rainbow Shein dress) with friends by LKN

Pro-tip: Tell Daryll how you’re feel or give him some kind of prompt and let him surprise you! Introduced Rachelle and Liway to a lot of the menu staples too, like Floppy Ears and their Tipsy Halo-Halo.

2:00AM – Back To Hotel

Yes, we definitely closed the bar! Took a Grab and was back at St. Giles in a flash. (It was definitely walkable, but given all those drinks, safety first!) Honestly, I barely had it in me to clean up a bit before passing out into sweet slumber on that bed.

6:15AM – Breakfast

Few things will get me out of bed early after a long night out the way breakfast does. After taking on the complimentary water, I make my way downstairs. Thankfully, the St. Giles breakfast buffet is amazing! There was a whole bread station including a neat little toaster contraption, cereals, savory options, and more—definitely a good balm to last night’s party. I read the newspaper, check my phone, and decide it’ll be a nice slow morning.

9:00AM – Swimming

After breakfast, I took a power nap then got ready to visit Museo Ng Makati to learn more about the city’s history. It was closed, sadly, but that worked out just fine. Gave me more time to do my favorite thing: swimming! The St. Giles hotel has a compact pool on their rooftop. It would have been nice if it were a bit deeper and a bit bigger, but it certainly gave me both relaxation and fun all at once anyway! Extra glad the gym wasn’t really being used.

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The rooftop pool of St. Giles with the gym overlooking it. | Photo by LKN

Little note for those on the heavier side like me: getting in and out may seem tricky because the ladder of the pool seems flimsy. There aren’t any steps, either. So just be mindful of that!

12:00PM – Check Out

Of course, all good things must come to an end. Overall, it was an incredible 24 hours in Poblacion! Definitely a fun experience that transcends the usual party scene reputation. Hopefully next time I can visit that museum!

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