Quarantine Food Trends We Went Crazy For This 2020

Quarantine meant that we spent most of the year not being able to go to our favorite restaurants. So, if you wanted to have something new or shake things up when it came to the food department, you had to be the one to make it. Fortunately, these quarantine food trends helped us get creative in the kitchen.

Baking Bread

Many picked up new hobbies during quarantine, but one hobby stood out among the others worldwide: baking bread. From those who have been baking for a long time to complete newbies, everyone was suddenly making use of their ovens and posting pictures of everything from the progress of their sourdough starters to their delicious finished loaves. 


Quarantine started just a month after Parasite won Best Picture at the Oscars. So, it wasn’t a surprise that when it was time to self-isolate, everyone was using their free time in the kitchen to hack the dish. From trying to make it as accurate to the film version as possible to whipping up a version completely made of cheaper or local products (like pancit canton), everyone had fun making their own variation of the iconic dish. 

Dalgona Coffee

While this was already a trend at the start of 2020, it didn’t blow up the way it did until people started featuring this delicious frothy favorite all over TikTok. Soon enough, it was everywhere and everyone was posting their own attempts on social media. A lot of people even shared their own variations, some of which included replacing ingredients with other household staples (like Milo).

At-Home Samgyupsal

One thing we missed the most was going out for those indulgent samgyupsal dates with our friends. That was off the table for most of 2020, but that didn’t stop people from recreating that experience by purchasing raw meats to cook together and preparing their own sides for the household to bond over and enjoy. This way, you could also customize and mix-and-match your spread of food options – including opting for cheaper alternatives or specific choices you can’t find in your favorite restaurants. 

Sushi Bake 

Another way people have been getting creative is finding new ways to enjoy sushi. This led to the sushi bake craze where a Maki deconstructed by arranging its components in flat layers rather than a roll. The basics are the nori wrapper, the sushi rice, and a Japanese mayo drizzle.

Elevated Pancit Canton

Everyone was advised to stock up on food that you can store for a longer time without it going bad to lessen grocery trips. So, as it is one of the cheaper options, many people found themselves turning to instant noodles more often. Thanks to the internet, people started coming up with and sharing recipe hacks to step up their pancit canton game – from simple cheesy pancit canton to pancit canton omurice. There’s even a Lucky Me! campaign with this very concept now!


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