Ramen Hacks: Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Instant Ramen

Ramen is one of the most-loved noodle dishes in the world and the fact that it has its “instant” version serves as a quick fix for anyone who has cravings. Although instant ramen is commonly eaten on its own, it can even be more enjoyed when you upgrade it with some easy to find ingredients. Try out these add-ons that you can put to your instant ramen to give it a whole new twist!

Add Vegetables


We all know that any kind of instant noodles isn’t that healthy so adding some veggies would help do the trick. Not only do vegetables add nutrients to your instant noodles, but they also add some texture and fresh natural taste. Choose among the simple ones such as cabbage, spinach, pechay, etc. — there are certainly lots to choose from when it comes to veggies and instant noodles.

Use Broth Instead of Artificial Flavored Powder

Broth definitely gives more natural and tasty flavor to your instant ramen than the artificial powder included in the pack. You can use vegetable, chicken, beef or other types of broth. Not only does this give you more control over the salt and other ingredients, but it offers you a lot of flavor options!

Add Eggs


When it comes to most noodles, eggs are usually a must. They are cheap, delicious, and in most cases, can be cooked directly in the same pot with the noodles or the broth so no hassle when it comes to prepping them. Usually, hard boiled eggs are being used to level up your ramen but you can also experiment using poached eggs, scrambled eggs, sunny side-up – the list goes on!

Add Other Types of Protein


Who doesn’t love meat in their ramen? Definitely, putting some meat would take your instant ramen to another level. The key is to add thin slices of meat so it cooks the same time as the noodles. If you’ve got more time on your hands, marinate the meat beforehand for some extra umami!

For non-meat lovers, there are also plenty of other protein options. You can add seafood like fish, shrimp, etc. or even tofu just to give that instant ramen more taste and volume. One advantage also is they don’t take so long to get cooked!

Add Cheese or Milk or Butter


This tip is not a contemporary one but is proven to spice up that ramen into a whole new level. Stir two slices of cheese until it melts or put some milk into your finished broth to add an amazing creaminess to the bowl and you’ll surely slurp the soup up to the very last drop!

Another option is to add butter — though this one is not more commonly being done. If you’ve checked Kylie Jenner’s Ramen Recipe Hack, she added butter into the noodles which just created magic. Worth the try isn’t it?

So the next time you have that craving and decide to cook an instant ramen, use these hacks to make it even more yummy. Instant ramen may be one of the cheapest foods in the supermarket but with a bit of creativity, you can turn it into a decent and full-packed meal!

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