Refreshing iced coffee drinks to try at home

Nothing beats a glass of iced coffee no matter what time of the day. Whether the weather is cold or not, you simply can’t go wrong with iced coffee. So, when in doubt, get a cool glass. 

But what if you can be your own barista? Yep, you can drink iced coffee with the same quality taste as those from your favorite coffee shops without having to spend as much! Oh, just think about the money you can save!

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Well, thanks to LunchBoxer PH, we now have a variety of iced coffee recipes to choose from for your next coffee sesh at home with your family, barkada or even on your own!

Silver coffee

For vegans, drinking iced coffee can sometimes be a struggle. But who says you have to limit yourself when there’s a variety of vegan milk options to choose from in the market? And if you want to add a dash of sparkle, simply put some edible silver powder to your glass of homemade iced coffee!


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Sea Salt Caramel Affogato

It can be hard to resist a creamy iced coffee, right? While milk can do the trick at times, mixing a rich vanilla ice cream with black coffee (aka affogato) is too irresistible. And what if you have the power and option to choose a sea salt ice cream instead of the regular vanilla-flavored? We dare say: Yes, please!

Ice Cream Coffee

The idea of making from ice cream from scratch at home can be quite intimidating. Plus, flavored ones like coffee-flavored ice cream may seem even more challenging. But the truth is, it’s so easy to make–especially if you buy the ones available at the supermarket or the convenience store. Just melt some vanilla ice cream, add your brewed coffee, and then, of course, the milk. Plus, you can’t forget to add some whipped cream on top. And the colorful sprinkles, too!

Hazelnut Coffee

Thanks to the ever-evolving taste of coffee lovers, coffee geniuses were able to come up with various flavor-infused beans in recent years. And among the most popular is the hazelnut-flavored one! But when you start adding hazelnut syrup after pouring in some milk, you’ll definitely tell yourself: “I’ve found the one!”

Chocolate Kori Kohi

Kori-Kohi has easily become one of our favorite coffee trends on the internet. But you can add another twist to it! Just mix the iced coffee cubes with your milk, pour in a generous amount of milk, and voila, the perfect Kori-Kohi for the chocolate lovers out there. 

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