SaladStop! Adds A Greek-Inspired Seasonal Salad To Their Menu Paulo

Transport yourself to the coastlines of Greece in every bite!

Whenever we think of changing our eating habits for a healthier lifestyle, one will likely assume that the food intake would be bland. But the fact is that we just have to eat in moderation. Eating healthy doesn’t even have to be boring, too. You just have to find a good meal plan or restaurant like SaladStop!

SaladStop! is definitely a game-changer when it comes to creating healthy and delicious salads, wraps, and warm protein bowls. You wouldn’t even notice that you’re on a diet whenever you munch on those goodies. 

Introducing Yasou!

This season, SaladStop! continues to create new, exciting additions to their menu and released a Greek-inspired seasonal salad, Yasou! For only P365, you’ll instantly transport yourself to the coastlines of Greece in every bite of this salad (or wrap if you want). 

The Yasou! salad is a mix of romaine, rocket, sundried tomatoes, candied walnuts, grapes, feta cheese, and shaved parmesan—tossed in a special Greek Vinaigrette that adds a depth of flavor and a tangy kick. You can indulge and add more candied walnuts or sundried tomatoes for only PHP80, too.

The welcoming tangy, sweet, and salty taste of the Yasou! salad lives true to its name origin. The word “Yasou!” is actually a casual Greek greeting for hello, goodbye, or cheers, and literally translates to “good health.”

This salad has everything that you need in one bowl or wraps: nuts, dairy, fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats & oils that are also good for the heart and skin. You can grab them in all SaladStop! stores until the end of the month of October 2022.

Bring-your-own initiative

SaladStop! has launched its Bring-Your-Own initiative to help reduce its output of single-use container waste. If you bring your own reusable container, preferably 1 liter in size, to any SaladStop! store, you’ll get PHP10 OFF your salad or warm proteins order. This simple gesture can help you save some money and the environment.

Featured Image Paulo Correa

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