Some Thoughts On The Scout’s Honor x Clara Olé All Out Promo

Unlimited pancakes and waffles are available until August 11, but is it worth it?

Back in 2014, renowned chef Miko Aspiras opened a craft cookie shop called Scout’s Honor. Up until a few years ago, its focus was on desserts. It featured big cookies and even had milkshakes!

But they have since expanded beyond the dessert space. Now they’re a full-blown restaurant. These days, they offer appetizers and starters as well as desserts. (Their corn soup and nachos are not to be missed.) They also offer main dishes, which come with java rice and sauteed vegetables.

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One of their newest offerings is a fun promo that breakfast lovers everywhere will adore!

All-Out Waffles and Pancakes

They now have an ALL YOU CAN EAT promo in partnership with Clara Olé. For P299, you can get all the waffles or pancakes you want! The promo is available from 10:00-11:00 AM and 2:00 PM-5:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays.

Diners can choose a Clara Olé syrup. It comes in several flavors: Cinnamon, choco-nut, maple, and original. They’re also entitled to a complimentary jar of Clara Olé jam. It has different flavors as well: Blueberry, mango, orange marmalade, pineapple, and strawberry. A free serving of peanut butter comes with it too, regardless of whether you like it chunky or creamy. More jam or peanut butter is available at P39 per order.

Scout’s Honor has quite a few branches. I went to their Ayala Vertis North branch since I’m from Quezon City.

A Yummy Set

My companions and I went there in the afternoon so we could take our time. They gave us a checklist-type form to fill out. We had to say whether we wanted pancakes or waffles and what jam/syrup we preferred. There was also an option to order unlimited coffee (for an extra P59), or unlimited hot chocolate (for an extra P79).

The checklist that diners need to fill out when availing of the promo. | Photo by Indigo Pai.

It was delicious! The waffles were sizable. They had the right balance between crisp and fluffy, and came with cream. Clara Olé’s syrups and jams were a perfect complement, too. I paired my set with unlimited coffee, which made it all the more yummy.

Doesn’t this look yummy? | Photo by Indigo Pai.

Flavorful, Fun Adventures at Scout’s Honor

The only downside for me had nothing to do with the food. I hope next time the service improves. But it seemed like they were understaffed, so I can understand where they were coming from.

All in all, I had a great time. Whoever thought of pairing pancakes and waffles with Clara Olé products was a genius! Cinnamon syrup is definitely my top choice, paired with classic blueberry jam.

Without a doubt, the promo is definitely worth it!

Featured Image Macky Arquilla


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