Season’s Greetings Tea from Macao Imperial Now Available In TriNoma!

Milk tea all-year round is a mark of a certified ~Subtle Asian Traits~ member! And from one boba devotee to another, here’s an early Christmas treat you can sip on, share with the gang, and save on some $$$. 

You know them from every milk tea lover’s top tier list, Macao Imperial Tea is kicking off the pre-holiday hype with Early Christmas Treats! Here’s what’s in store for you when you make a trip to their TriNoma branch soon.

Title_ Soc Med

Take your ABG on a boba date with this fool-proof pair: Buy 2 Alto sized bundle deal for only PHP 199!

199 Bundle

After a long day of work, whether socially distanced in an office or at home, cap off the day with FREE cream cheese on Tuesdays and FREE chestnut cream on Wednesdays.

Creamy and Cheesy

Have you found yourself in line at Macao’s store before wanting to try something adventurous but ended up going for the usual? Now is the time to take a trip tasting their best-selling flavors! Round up the fam and share the 6-flavor fun. 

600 Bundle

Season’s gree-TEA-ngs indeed! Enjoy the early Christmas treat from our friends at Macao Imperial Tea until December 31, 2020. Order through FoodPanda or visit Level 1, TriNoma for your milk tea fix!

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