Sebastian’s “bittersweet” ice cream flavors are back for Valentine’s!

For the eighth year in a row, Sebastian’s Ice Cream is bringing back their beloved Valentine’s-exclusive ice cream flavors aimed towards the “single and unattached” — their words, not ours! What started as a witty gimmick caught on, and while the recipes have changed here and there, the names stay the same.

Matinong Boyfriend

sebastians ice cream3

This year, the Matinong Boyfriend flavor focuses on “balance and harmony,” the two qualities any woman would want from their beau. The main ice cream is White Cocoa, which is made by steeping a cream base in roasted cocoa nibs for two days. 

The ice cream is then swirled with a luscious Blueberry Sorbet and given a crunchy twist with the spoonful of almond praline for that perfect balance of color, taste, and texture.

Matinong Girlfriend

sebastians ice cream2

For the Matinong Girlfriend, Sebastian’s chose the virtue of “accessible excess” — an out-of-the-box extravagance yet still delicate and delicious. Where’s the excess? It’s in the Nut Butter ice cream, which consists of a mix of all the nuts they could possibly add: cashews, walnuts, pecans, almonds, pili nuts, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, and hazelnuts all roasted and blended into silky butter and a smooth cream base.

To top it off, a thick butter caramel ribbon and candied nut mix are served on top to give that extra punch of sweetness.


sebastians ice cream1

If you can’t get it from the guy who ghosted you, you can certainly get it from Sebastian’s. The Closure flavor embodies “wellness and inner peace,” as provided by the pink-colored ice cream that’s infused with an Indian tea called Kashmiri noon chai.

The rich flavor is achieved by boiling green tea leaves and infusing them with the aroma of cardamom, clove, cinnamon, and star anise overnight. A pinch of baking soda is added to achieve that vibrant pink shade before mixing it with a sweet ice cream base. 

Unresolved Issues

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Finally, the only flavor that hasn’t changed its formula rejoins the fray. Unresolved Issues sticks to the original cues with its mix of fresh ampalaya sorbet and candied ampalaya garnish for that perfect harmony of bitter and sweet — kind of like that last relationship you had. 

A scoop of Matinong Boyfriend, Matinong Girlfriend, and Closure costs P145, while a pint costs P435. For Unresolved Issues, it’s P100 for a scoop and P300 for a pint.

All four flavors are available throughout February. They’re available in-store at Sebastian’s Podium branch, and via delivery or pick-up through their webstore.

Pick up a pint and spend Valentine’s Day enjoying your own peace (and ice cream!).

(all images by Sebastian’s Ice Cream)

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