Soy sauce and caramel in ice cream? Kurimu says: don’t hate it ’til you taste it

When you think of ice cream, you often think of vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, but do you think of soy sauce just as often too? Probably not, at least until after you read this.

That’s because for premium handcrafted ice cream brand Kurimu, soy sauce, or shoyu, is one of the ingredients for their bestselling flavor, Shoyu Caramel!

Boasting a rich combination of sweet and savory flavors, their Shoyu Caramel ice cream strikes the right balance of “complex caramel notes and a hint of umami.” For just PhP420, you get to take home a 16oz tub filled with this one-of-a-kind delight.

Aside from Shoyu Caramel, Kurimu also has other Japanese-inspired creamy ice cream flavors such as Kinako, which uses roasted soybean flour with a whiff of aromatic toasted peanut flavor in deep, dark chocolate or creamy vanilla ice cream base; the Black Sesame, which consists of real toasted black sesame seeds; and of course, the much-loved Matcha, a creamy green tea flavor made with premium Uji matcha. 

All their flavors come in a 16oz tub that sports a sleek minimalist design, for PhP420 each.

Want to get one? You can have a tub delivered to you by sending a message to Kurimu’s Instagram or by placing an order through Kurimu’s website


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