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MilkyWay Café is synonymous with uber good food and quality service. This restaurant has been serving the most discerning palates with sumptuous home-cooked meals for over five decades now. It has grown so much over the years and it became a popular brand of comfort food. 

Miss them, don’t you?

Here’s a piece of good news. Even if the pandemic rages on outside, nobody can stop you from having their award-winning Milky Way Kare-Kare, Bistek Tagalog, and homemade ice creams! Yes, you can order your fave Milky Way meals and snacks and have them delivered straight to your home!

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MilkyWay Kare-Kare | Photo from MilkyWay Café
Bistek Tagalog | Photo from MilkyWay Café
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MilkyWay Cheese Ice Cream | Photo from MilkyWay Café
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MilkyWay Avocado Ice Cream | Photo from MilkyWay Café

Just go to MilkyWay Cafe Online Store and add to your cart your favorite frozen dishes, ice creams, bottled preserves, and snacks from MilkyWay, AzuThai, and Cirkulo. You can also choose if you want to pick up your orders or have them delivered to you via Grab, Lalamove, or Mr. Speedy between 1-2 days upon payment.

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Photo from MilkyWay Café

And if you order more, you can save more and get free shipping! For a minimum order of P2,500, you can get free shipping plus a 5% cashback on your future orders. Or you can use the promo code, FREEBIEMNL, upon checkout to avail of the 5% discount on orders of P2,499 and below.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your fave meals and share them with your family and friends at home!

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