Spotify Playlists by “Barilla Italia” Double As Timer for Cooking Pasta

Getting al dente pasta every time you cook could be a challenge. The cooking time for each type of pasta varies, depending on their shape or kind–undercooking could lead to unevenly cooked noodles (you’d get soft and crunchy parts), while overcooking could give you soggy or mushy pasta.

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Barilla, an Italian food company, together with Publicis Italy, have come up with the brilliant idea of making Spotify playlists that double as a cooking timer. Barilla’s Spotify account currently has 8 public playlists, which you can listen to as you wait for your pasta to be ready!

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Photos: Instagram/publicisitaly

Playlist Timer

This project for Barilla, made by creative agency Publicis Italy, is called “Playlist Timer.”

“Playlist timer is a series of playlists whose durations correspond to the cooking time of barilla’s most loved pasta shapes… an actual kitchen timer on Spotify,” Publicis Italy said.

The playlists are named “Mixtape Spaghetti,” “Boom Bap Fusilli,” “Moody Day Linguine,” “Pleasant Melancholy Penne,” “Best Song Penne,” “Top Hits Spaghetti,” “Timeless Emotion Fusilli,” and “Simply Classic Linguine.” All these last for around 9 to 11 minutes, depending on the type of pasta you want to cook.

Italian art and music

The unique playlist idea will not only help its listeners get perfect pasta–it will also introduce them to Italian art and music.

So even though the playlists include songs from pop artists like Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, and Shawn Mendes, there’s also music from Italian talents such as Fulminacci, Cesare Cremonini, and Caterina Caselli. Aside from that, the accompanying playlist covers were also made by Italian illustrators!

Publicis Italy said that the product of this campaign “turns the waiting [of cooking pasta] into a chance to listen to good music, entertain yourself, and discover the covers of the playlists, illustrated by eight Italian artists of international caliber.”

Get pasta cooked just right and have a dance party while you’re at it! Check out Barilla’s playlists on Spotify.

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