They’re the perfect end to any meal!

Fast food is popular, and Filipinos have fallen in love with dishes from their favorite restaurants. We tend to order fast food whenever we want something quick and familiar. A fast food restaurant has something for everyone. Even the pickiest eaters tend to find at least one item on the menu to their liking.

Fast food restaurants aren’t known for their desserts per se, but each has its iconic dessert. Whether you decide to go to Jollibee, McDonald’s, or somewhere else, you’re bound to find a dish that can satisfy your sweet tooth.  

If you’re craving something sweet, check out this list of desserts from our favorite fast food joints!

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Jollibee – Peach Mango Pie 

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Photo courtesy of the Jollibee Philippines Facebook page.

The Peach Mango Pie has been on Jollibee’s menu for decades. It was such a hit in the Philippines that international Jollibee branches even put it on their menu. With piping hot mango and peach filling inside a buttery and flaky crust, it’s no wonder this dessert is a classic!

McDonald’s – McFloat 

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Photo courtesy of the McDonald’s Philippines Facebook page.

No matter where you are in the world, you’ll find the McFloat on a McDonald’s menu because it goes well with every other item on there. McDonald’s has used different flavors in the past, but nothing beats the classic combo of ice-cold Coca-Cola and sweet vanilla ice cream!

Wendy’s – Frosty

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Photo courtesy of the Wendy’s Philippines Facebook page.

Wendy’s signature dessert has been on their menu since 1969! This year, they created the Red Velvet Frosty Overload for Valentine’s day by adding added honey graham, red velvet squares, and strawberry sauce to the classic Frosty. Whether you eat it or drink it, this frozen dessert is perfect for a hot day. 

Chowking – Halo-Halo

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Photo courtesy of the Chowking Philippines Facebook page.

The Halo-Halo is like the Philippines’ unofficial national dessert, so it’s only fitting that Chowking put it on their menu as their main dessert. Halo-Halo ingredients are crammed into a cup and then topped with ice cream, milk, and shaved ice. If you’re looking for a filling dessert, this may be perfect for you.

Another wonderful thing about these desserts? You can easily order them via a food delivery app. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and give your sweet tooth what it wants!

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