Since opening their first branch in Robinsons Galleria back in 2019, Filipinos need not travel too far to get their hands on popular No Brand items. The Korean grocery store now accepts orders online and delivers via MetroMart, so their products are even more accessible. Here are some of the best K-finds you should add to your cart.

Instant Noodles

What Asian store doesn’t have a wide selection of instant noodles? Whether you’re looking for ramen or japchae, they have it in-store. Other brands like Jin and Nongshim are also available at the grocery so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Don’t forget to buy dried seaweed to top your noodles.

Potato Chips

Snack on these light and crispy chips while watching your favorite drama. The potato chips are packaged in a can so you can save some for your next binge-watch, and come in the Original, Purple Sweet Potato, Seaweed and Wasabi, and Onion and Chives variant.


Their Chocochip Cookies and Butter Cookies are some of their best-selling biscuits. Buy them buy the 400g bucket so you’ll always have a supply of these delicious treats on hand. They also have potato biscuits and wafer rolls if cookies are not your cup of tea.

Bottled Beverages and Caffeinated Drinks

Speaking of tea, No Brand also carries their own milk tea line, as well as coffee mix and canned coffee. You can’t miss out on their bottled juices and soju either because they’re best paired with any of your K-find food items.

Frozen and Microwavable Food

You shouldn’t leave the store without stopping by their freezer aisle. No Brand’s microwavable rice and frozen dumplings and pizzas are convenient for lazy days in. They even have desserts like Melona and Samanco ice cream and Japanese cheesecakes to complete your food haul.  

No Brand’s philosophy is to offer consumers quality products rather than focusing on branding and marketing.  For affordable prices and unique grocery finds, this Korean chain has many items worth trying.

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