The Difference Between Korean and American Corn Dogs

Korean corn dogs have risen in popularity because of the Korean Wave. Seeing your favorite stars and idols eat this Korean street food is enough for you to want to try them – and entrepreneurs are taking notice because restaurants that sell Korean corn dogs are popping up in the Metro.

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But how is this different from the classic American corndog? While similar in looks, Korean and American corn dogs are slightly different from each other. 

American Corn Dogs 

An American corn dog is THE traditional corn dog, and it’s only normal to see it as such since the creation of this street food originated in the US. These corn dogs are made with cornbread batter and hot dogs, and are deep fried to perfection. They are usually served as street food in county fairs or festivals, but frozen counterparts can easily be found in American supermarkets.

Several vendors from different states claimed they invented the corn dog but many sources say that it originated in a Texas State Fair. No matter its history, the American corn dog has stood the test of time and can be found worldwide. 

Korean Corn Dogs 

Korean corn dogs, on the other hand, are a fairly new phenomenon in the Philippines, but they are said to have arrived in Korea as early as the 80s. While Korean corn dogs look similar to American corn dogs, the coating used in Korean corn dogs is different. Instead of a wet cornbread batter, this one uses a dough and bread crumbs. And while the hotdog is still used as its filling, cheese can be added or used as a substitute. 

People are also known to experiment with Korean corn dogs more. Stores selling this street food are all over the Metro, and you’ll notice that there are many toppings and flavors for you to choose from. 

But if you want to try making corn dogs for yourself, YouTuber Joshua Weissman has got you covered:

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