The New Home of the Whopper: Burger King’s Funky New Visual Identity

After more than 20 years, beloved fast food chain Burger King has undergone a major makeover. Earlier this month, the company revealed a new logo and color scheme along with new packaging designs, merchandise, and team uniforms. The rebranding, created by the agency John Knowles Ritchie, is distinct for its noticeably more retro 1970s feel.

03 that 70s burger king.jpg
Image: ©Burger King Corporation

Burger King, or Insta-Burger King, as it was originally known, was first established in Miami, Florida in 1954. Touted as a main competitor to McDonald’s, Burger King tried its hand at churning out hamburgers and milkshakes for the general public. Though, it was the creation of Burger King’s signature Whopper that really set them apart. Since then, the burger chain has grown to be an American classic and has expanded its menu to include chicken sandwiches, salads, and even plant-based burgers.

BurgerKing OldBuilding
Image: ©Burger Beast

In an effort to rebrand, the fast food giant tapped into their humble beginnings and has certainly taken “blast from the past” to a new level.  Drawing inspiration from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s logos, Burger King has transformed into a groovy, sleeker version of itself that plays on nostalgia but also welcomes a new era. The new logo decidedly moved away from its yellow and blue 1999 version and now features the words “Burger King” in a custom typeface aptly named Flame, in between two flat buns.

02 that 70s burger king.jpg
Image: ©Burger King Corporation

According to John Knowles Ritchie, the simplicity and measured contemporary flare illustrated in the rebranding was meant to remind customers of Burger King’s fresh ingredients and exceptional food quality. The move towards more simple colors and layouts was also a move towards an image that seemed less “synthetic and artificial” and more “real and tasty”.

burger king logo rebrand bk jkr dezeen 2364 hero 2 1233x694 1
Image: ©Burger King Corporation

The brown, green, and orange color palette can be attributed directly to the chain’s famous Whopper, and is also reminiscent of what makes Burger King special. Playful designs of the food, trendy new team uniforms, and an overall more thoughtful and daring change to the way Burger King has approached its brand has ensured that the fast food veteran has a lot more to bring to the game. 

burger king logo rebrand bk jkr dezeen 2364 col 8
Image: ©Burger King Corporation

You can expect the home of the Whopper to slowly integrate these exciting new designs and merchandise over the next few months.

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