The new Starbucks tumblers are designed by a Filipino!

In the local design scene, ‘Patrick Cabral’ is a household name. Known mostly for his calligraphy, his talent for art reached new heights with his breathtaking collaboration with the WWF, featuring paper sculptures of threatened species around the world.

Today, Starbucks has unveiled the latest collection of tumblers, tote bags and Starbucks Card designs featuring an exclusive set by Patrick Cabral. From their Facebook page:

“Collaborating with a local artist for merchandise for the very first time, we’ve partnered with world-renowned, multi-disciplinary artist Patrick Cabral in a collection that draws inspiration from the Sarimanok, a mythical bird of the Maranao people from Mindanao. “

Starbucks philippines

The limited tumbler designs are inspired by the legendary Sarimanok, a mythical bird that is rather ubiquitous in Maranao culture. The bird is a symbol of good luck. If you are a Starbucks tumbler collector, this is definitely a must-have!

LOQI Tote Bag by Patrick Cabral

The Starbucks x Patrick Cabral card will be available for a minimum activation of P1,000.00 load. For more details about the collection, check out the Starbucks site. Items may vary depending on store location.


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