FreebieMNL - This is how you can cook like top Filipino chefs

This is how you can cook like top Filipino chefs

FreebieMNL - This is how you can cook like top Filipino chefs

While it’s okay to order out food from time to time, there’s nothing like enjoying home cooked meals, right? Well, you can enjoy restaurant-worthy dishes at the comforts of your home by learning from top chefs of the country. 

According to Adobo Magazine, La Germania is hosting the Cooking with La Germania: Masterclass Series, a five-part installment of virtual cooking classes in partnership with your favorite chefs and celebrities.

Through this webinar series, you can learn how to make Penne ala Telefono from Cibo from Margarita Fores herself. Chef Lau Guevera of OK Cafe will demonstrate how to make Italian Meat Balls. Yabu’s Chef Lee Jose will school attendees on how to prepare Japanese pancakes aka Okonomiyaki.

These are only some of the top chefs who will share their culinary secrets in the upcoming series. What’s awesome about this webinar series is that you even get the opportunity to interact with the experts themselves. They’ll be there to guide you through the entire process. 

Classes are limited to 10-12 participants per class to ensure that each attendee receives the appropriate amount of guidance. Plus, there’s a joining fee of P500 to take part in this exclusive webinar. With the priceless lessons you’ll get to learn, it will surely be worth every peso spent. Interested participants may view more details and sign up through La Germania’s Facebook page.

How exciting, right? This is such an awesome opportunity to let your inner chef shine, and learn how to prepare food like the pros. Who knows? You might even find your calling, and discover your passion for cooking. That’s why you should invest in yourself, and try attending this awesome webinar series. It will surely be worth your time and money.

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