This YouTuber ate instant ramen for 30 days but cooked it in different ways

Great tasting and easy to cook, instant ramen is a good staple to have in our house because of how convenient it is. Though this is the case, it’s not something we eat on a daily basis because of how unhealthy it is. With high sodium and MSG, it’s not exactly the meal we should turn to if we want to get our share of nutrients. 

But what if you eat instant ramen every day for 30 days straight? 

YouTuber Lisa Nguyen (Telehue Food) puts this to the test with her video “I ate instant RAMEN NOODLES for 30 days straight!

While this isn’t something you should copy, the video does prove that Lisa is still fine after eating instant ramen for a whole month. In the challenge, she only requires herself to eat one instant ramen a day. However, she doesn’t simply cook it and eat it as it is, because she tries to experiment with them to make the challenge more interesting. 

One of the more interesting ways she cooked the ramen is by turning it into a ramen pizza. She cooked the noodles and then fried them in oil for it to hold the shape. She then topped it with cheese and pepperoni before sliding it into an oven. 

She also made a grilled cheese ramen sandwich in which she added a forkful of noodles on top of the sliced cheese. 

Other different variations had her putting add ons to the ramen – from a simple egg to a char siu.

From adding different toppings to completely changing how to cook it entirely, Lisa’s ramen-eating journey will inspire you to maybe experiment with your next pack of instant ramen. 

(Article thumbnail photo from Telehue Food)

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