Tired of buying expensive coffee? Here’s how you can brew your own coffee at home

No matter how beloved Starbucks or any other coffee shop is, we can’t deny that buying our coffee outside can be damn expensive. We’re paying for the convenience of having someone make the coffee for us and if it’s a popular coffeehouse chain, we’re paying for the name as well. 

One other reason that people buy coffee outside is that it’s give them a reason to study or work inside that coffee shop. But amidst a global pandemic, doing that isn’t exactly the safest.

So if you want to finally break away from spending so much on your daily dose of caffeine, it’s high time you consider making your own coffee at home. Not only is it much less expensive, but it also gives you the freedom to customize your drink to your tastes. With helpful YouTubers and articles that teach you how to make a variety of coffee, it won’t be hard to make a cup that’s as good – if not better – as your go-to order from your favorite coffeehouse. 

But how does one even start? Read on to find out!

Choose a Brewing Method

There are different ways to make coffee so it’s important you choose one that fits your lifestyle. If you want a convenient and hassle-free way to make coffee, the french press or coffeemaker method will do the trick.

When brewing with a coffeemaker,  you simply have to fill it in with water and ground coffee and you’re good to go with a flick of a switch. The coffee will drip down to your mug or pot and you have yourself some coffee. 

For french press, you soak and steep the ground coffee in water and then strain it with its built-in metal filter. Another good thing with the french press is that the equipment also doubles as a serving carafe. 

The pour over method needs a little bit more effort but produces coffee with a delicate and smooth texture. For this, you need a filter (usually paper, but there are reusable ones) and a coffee dripper. 

andrew welch 1pZbNwlGzNY unsplash
Photo by andrew welch on Unsplash

Another easy way to make coffee is the cold brew method. You simply have to steep the coffee grounds in water, refrigerate it, and then filter it. The coffee also lasts longer so you can make it in bulk and keep it in the fridge for up to two weeks. 

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Choose Your Coffee 

Once you’ve decided on your coffee making method, it’s time for you to choose your coffee. 

The grind size of your beans depends on your coffee making method. If you’re buying pre-ground coffee, you should take the equipment into account. For the coffeemaker and pour over method, a medium grind size is recommended. For french press and cold brew, use coarsely ground beans. 

tyler nix 7r12qgK11PI unsplash
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

However, freshly ground beans have a huge impact on flavor. while pre-ground beans are convenient, they’re not the freshest. If you want to start grinding your own beans then a hand grinder will do the trick. This also enables you to experiment with the grind size you need. 

Once you’ve started thinking about your preferred coffee making method and the coffee you want to experiment with, it won’t be long before you make your own version of a perfect cup of coffee. 

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Photo by Burst from Pexels


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