Too lazy to prepare a meal? Green smoothies will save the day!

When you’ve got a lot going in your life, it’s so easy to forget to eat especially if you have to cook and prepare your own meals. While delivery services will always be there for you, it can be so expensive to rely on take out all the time. 

If it’s your busy season and you’re looking for ways to cut back on meal preparation and eating times, green smoothies will be your best friend because they’re easy to prepare, quick to consume, and will keep you going for a couple of hours without eating the usual meals we’re used to. 

Not only is this convenient, because this will boost your nutrient intake and make sure you’re taking in your fill of fruits and veggies. 

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To save time, prepare your ingredients early on by cutting them up and purring them in a freezer-safe bag so you can simply throw them in a blender when you’re feeling hungry. 

The ingredients and the fruit and veggie combinations are entirely up to you. But some of the widely used ingredients are spinach (or kangkong), malunggay, bananas, mango, pineapples, carrots, and apples. 

If you’re looking to follow exact recipes, this video from Lacey Baier has 7 combinations for you to choose from:

If you want to know the best practices for making the perfect smoothie, this video by Joshua Weissman will teach you how to make the ideal glass of that healthy smoothie. 

To summarize his tips, you need to:

  • Have a liquid of choice to add to your smoothies so it’ll be easier to blend the ingredients. You can use coconut juice, orange juice, milk, or simply water.
  • Instead of adding ice to your mixture, freeze the fruits and veggies so the flavor won’t be diluted when you blend them.

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