Top 3 Reasons Why People go Vegan

People have their own reasons why they choose to do a vegan diet. They avoid foods that are made from animals or come from them. This includes meat products, eggs, cheese, mayonnaise, and even honey. Most do it for their love of animals, but it could also be a case for environmentalism or health concerns.

Animal Cruelty

The top reason why people go vegan is because of their love for animals. They are against animal cruelty and cannot stand seeing them being slaughtered. A study shows that those who grew up around a variety of pets were more likely to be encouraged to avoid meat. This is because they view animals as friends and not for consumption.

Top 3 Reasons Why People go Vegan
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Although going vegan isn’t the solution to climate change, you’ll still be making less harmful contributions to the environment. It’s less expensive to grow fruits and vegetables compared to livestock and greenhouse gas emissions would decrease by 2.6%. The number may seem insignificant but it’s still better than not doing anything.

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Health Concerns

Whether it’s because of food sensitivities or to create better eating habits, people have chosen plant-based diets for health concerns. Cutting back on meat, cheese, eggs, and dairy can aid with weight loss but balanced meals should still be the priority. A vegan diet doesn’t necessarily equate to being healthy. French fries, for example, are plant-based yet eating this frequently and large in quantities won’t be good for you.

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Going vegan is a personal choice. try having plant-based meals for a full week and see how sustainable the diet would be. Or even start slowing and go vegetarian for a while. Consult a registered dietician and nutritionist to see if this diet is suitable for you and your lifestyle.

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