Try clearing your acne by eating and avoiding certain foods

While we may think that acne is simply a problem on the outside, sometimes they’re caused by the food we eat. Aside from your skincare routine, try to eat and avoid certain foods because maybe the problem simply lies within.

Before we heal our skin, we should start with healing our gut.

Eat probiotic-rich foods

Probiotics are good for your gut health. According to the International Journal of Dermatology, the use of probiotics can reduce acne breakouts. Yogurt, kombucha, pickles, miso, and kimchi are some probiotic-rich foods you can try.

Avoid high-glycemic food

According to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, there is evidence that high-glycemic foods may worsen acne because they trigger hormonal fluctuations and inflammation. Avoid high-glycemic foods like white bread, white rice, potato chips, soft drinks, and sugar.

Drink green tea

Green tea is anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants. These two health benefits can help fight bacteria and reduce inflammation in acne. Aside from drinking green tea to clear skin, some people even use it as a topical treatment.

Avoid cow’s milk

Cow’s milk is high in IGF-1, which is a hormone that leads to oily skin and acne. Cut down on cow’s milk and drink other alternatives like almond or soy milk.

Add turmeric into your diet

Turmeric has curcumin, an ingredient that can help strengthen the skin to make it more resistant to inflammation and damage. It also has antimicrobial properties, which kills acne bacteria. Try to add turmeric into your diet by cooking with it or making it into a tea.


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