Try Out PAL’s Signature Arroz Caldo!

If you’ve flown on any of PAL’s longer flights, you’d know that they serve the best Filipino dishes. One of them — their signature arroz caldo — is finally available for households everywhere!

PAL Arroz Caldo
Photo from Michecesca

We no longer have to book an international flight to taste the iconic dish; the recent launch of the airline’s Instagram account (@flypalcafe) promises to deliver their best inflight food right to the heart of your home, starting with the arroz caldo.

For the price of P690, you can order a specially made PAL Arroz Caldo kit complete with porridge good for 2-3 people, toppings and condiments, two limited edition reusable wooden bowls, two limited edition reusable wooden spoons, and DIY instructions.

The porridge is made with two rice variants and can be topped with roasted garlic and dulong for the perfect at-home meal.

On their Instagram page, the international airline dressed up the Arroz Caldo kit with plastic-free packaging and native goods. The soft browns and neutral tones displayed throughout the page subtly remind us of the warm comfort of a Filipino home. As the café promises, the famous arroz caldo will bring on “homey and nostalgic flavors”.

PAL also made ordering easy by posting guidelines for hungry customers. All you have to do is send a direct message to @flypalcafe, wait for a response detailing order and delivery details, wait for order processing, and then pay for your order upon receipt. It’s that easy!

With travel looking to be uncertain in the next couple months, PAL’s soothing Arroz Caldo kit is good enough to keep customers and former passengers wanting more.

Additionally, their chic rustic look and commitment to lessen plastic waste makes us all the more excited to see what other dishes the airline has in store! Follow the PAL cafe Instagram page for updates and details on upcoming dishes.


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