Veganuary Success: Nadine Lustre Shares Her Newfound Love for Vegan Food

It looks like Nadine Lustre has successfully taken on Veganuary⁠! And since she’s really loving the food, who knows? She could even possibly keep the plant-based diet for the rest of the year.

nadine lustre vegan food

Photos: Instagram/nadine

For the first month of 2021, Nadine has managed to keep a consistent vegan diet and shared photos of meals she’s had so far. Check them out below:

Photos: Instagram/nadine


“Veganuary” is the term used to describe the annual one-month challenge where one follows a vegan lifestyle to start the year.

It combines the words “vegan” and “January,” and bears the same name as the non-profit organization that started the challenge in 2014.

In an Instagram post, Nadine shared photos of vegan food she has been enjoying for the past month. She said, “On @athletes.bite vegan meals for almost a month now and it’s f greaaat!”

“I never thought I’d love vegan food this much,” she added.

For the future

Aside from her experience of trying a new diet, Nadine also recently shared about “For the Future,” an organization founded by young Filipinos with the vision of having “A Philippines where nature is conserved and protected and communities are empowered and self-sustainable.”

She also shared a Dalai Lama quote along with a photo of her walking through a field, reminding us of our environmental responsibility:

“It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the environment in which we all live.”

What an inspiring way to start the year. Way to go, Nadine!

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